Art Chat — Karns custom art & framing / by Lara Periut

Thank you notes.

I openly admit that I have not been painting consistently for years. Anyone with children would agree with me that there is precious little time left in a day after chasing, driving, feeding, modifying behavior and all the various and sundry tasks a Mom must tackle. When my daughter was a baby I began calling my creative time "nap time projects" which were hit or miss at best. Oil paint was taboo, any cutting apparatus was squirreled away and colored pencils became the norm - oddly, both of my children snubbed crayons from a very early age. I began to realize that the only time of year I could do something for myself and others was at Christmas time, thus my handmade cards began. It's a pleasure for me to open something directed to me via snail-mail, enjoy the sentiment and illustrations and display them for the season, and I LOVE doing the same for my friends and family. 

About a year ago I realized that my children were finally at an age where I could trust them not to make a mess with my mess. There really is method to my madness. Promise. So my creativity is once again fruitful and I have had the absolute pleasure of receiving notes thanking me for what I do.

I cry, seriously. Every. Time.

It's one thing to fill an order, it's another to be appreciated for a gift that God gave me. So to all my clients out there, thank you for trusting in me.

May God bless each and every one of you,