Paintings, prints or shadow boxes...each receives our special attention

We offer only the highest quality frames, archival glass, mats and backing so that your memories are properly preserved. The best part? If we can't find what you need through our suppliers, we'll simply fabricate it. We're creative like that: routing and building frames from raw wood to suit just about anything you need to archive. If you have a fabric you like better than our mat samples, we can wrap mats to suit your style.


  • UV blocking glass
  • Acid free mats and backing
  • hand sewing for all delicate items
  • Seasoned designers to help you create a frame custom suited to your needs.


Vendors we proudly use:  Larson-Juhl * Omega * Studio * Roma * Peterboro * Crescent * Bainbridge * TruVue


“Color does not add a pleasant quality to design - it reinforces it.”

— Pierre Bonnard

Let us help you capture your memories with a design that will last for generations to come.