The Adeventures of Exploring Mediums

My goal is to provide opportunities to explore each medium in its most basic form - drawing, painting and sculpting - and then build upon those blocks. At times art requires a scientific approach in order to understand how pigments act and react: why oil and water don't mix, what is considered a resist, etc. Other times art requires organizational thought, rolling up our sleeves and getting our hands a little dirty, and using everyday items around us as tools. And last, but not least, it calls each of us to research the history of art in order to understand how the world around us affects what we create - from politics, current events and fashion, right down to our own quirky personal preferences.

Life is an adventure, art is merely the representation of it.         

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Asked at least once per class.

“Can we do bubble art again?!”

— Ian

Origami balloons

“Why is this taking so long?”

— Jack


“Art is my favorite class ever!”

— Lucy

Class Projects


Medium and technique are something we learn,    art is something we create.

"Every child is an artist. The only problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up."               - Pablo Picasso